• " May Noble thoughts come from all Directions "

Vichaar Nirmaan Foundation is a Section 8 Company incorporated under Companies Act – 2013 bearing Registration No-U93090GJ2018NPL103029, Dated- 27/06/2018. The Major Focus of the Organization is to do work and Support for propagation of Vedas and Vedic culture.

Main Aims and other ancillary Objectives of Organization are

  • To Organize Programme of Social importance consistent with Vedic philosophy.
  • To make/ produce Feature Films/ Biopics/ Tele Films/ Short Films/ Documentary Films / Serials / Talk Shows/ Debates/ Bhajans / Spiritual Songs / Web Series / Value based Multimedia programmes to promote awareness in the society.
  • To remove superstition from Society.
  • Promoting Truth, Vegetarianism, and Prevention of cruelty to animal, ban on Cow slaughter.
  • To promote Nationalism, Patriotism, Morals, Family Values, Humanity & True History of India.
  • Medical relief, Establishment of Hospital, Nursing Home, Medical Center.
  • To help poor and needy people without discriminations of caste and religion
  • To publish importance of Vedic philosophy, Magazine, Books, CD.
  • To provide food, food grain, cloth, medicine to poor and needy person.
  • To provide food, shelter and medical relief to animal.
  • Relief and help to aged, blind, lame, deaf, orphans, and person otherwise disabled or incapable of earning their live hood.
  • Promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women, elderly, and the differently abled and livelihood enhancement projects.

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