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Any individual

We need common men and women to associate themselves with the channel. This can be done through

  • Sponsoring our daily show named ‘Dainik Yagya’ which is one of the most important shows that would be telecasted on the channel
  • Making their presence felt by participating in ‘Dainik Yagya’ along with their families
  • Advertising their products (if any) on our website
  • Sponsoring any other programme on the channel

We invite you to send us a mail or communicate with us telephonically if you are interested in any of the above. All the queries would be solved by contacting us. The contact details are given below.

Artists and Technical Support People

We require artists that can contribute to the programming in various ways, few of which are as follows

  • Actors/ actresses of all age-groups
  • Singers
  • Musicians

We invite artists and technical support professionals to send their profile to us.

Arya Samaaj

We require the members of Arya Samaaj to screen our shows at different centers. We also request them to sponsor our shows or bring in people to sponsor different shows on the channel.

Scholars and Writers

Expertise in any of the fields consistent with our programming goals will be relevant. Few of the illustrative areas are

  • Research on Vedas and ancient scriptures
  • Ayurveda and herbal forms of medicine
  • Historian
  • An expert in Psychology
  • Ancient Indian health sciences like Ayurveda

We invite you to send us a CV that contains the details of your work and research. For writers, we invite you to send, besides details of your work, a sample of your work as well. Writers include those of

  • Stories/ melodrama that can be converted to serials
  • Concepts that can be created into documentaries
  • Songs and poems (lyrics)

Schools / Colleges

We require Schools and Colleges to play a helping hand in spreading awareness regarding Value Education to the students. Though students learn Value Education through books, an audio visual medium is a better medium to create an impact for a longer duration. We expect the Principals or teachers of schools and colleges to help us in the following manner

  • By screening the shows that are targeted to children and youngsters in their respective schools or colleges
  • By allowing the channel personals to take coverage of the screening
  • By asking the students to fill in feedback form. Feedback forms will enable us to know first hand opinion of the students on the shows

Schools and Colleges can get the CDs of our shows by requesting for the same via an email or sending a post regarding it. The CD would be delivered as early as possible.